How to wash: Cold water with other similar colors. You do not need to wash separately, but I would highly suggest not washing with your whites. ;) Hang or tumble dry. Hanging to dry will minimize fading. Don't use bleach, oxyclean or any other harsh chemicals.

Answers to faq about washing

All items have been washed in hot water 2-5 times after dyeing with a special soap. The number of times depends on how much hand rinsing I've done first and the colors used. (Anything with turquoise in it requires additional washings.)

Shrinking: All items are machine washed in hot water and machine dried at least twice - once before dyeing, once after.

Smoking: This is a smoke-free house. Nothing should ever smell like icky cig smoke.

Pets: This is NOT a cat-free house. Cat hair is included for no additional charge. While I try to minimize cat hair on stock it really is impossible to avoid it completely. If you are deathly allergic you may want to purchase from someone else.

Pollen: I do a number of outdoor events, so unless I am making something special for you odds are good that the item has spent some time outdoors. Baby clothes should be washed before wearing unless I assure you it just came out of the dryer.