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All items are hand dyed using professional Procion Fiber Reactive Mx Dyes by Maria Stroffolino, owner and sole proprieter of BriteCloth TieDye. BriteCloth TieDye has been creating colorful tie dye for over 17 years and has many satisfied repeat customers.

As usual, this website is woefully out of date and every time I try to revise it I get half way and then have to get back to dyeing. I donÕt have time to do many edits right now, but here finally is a link to the BriteCloth Etsy SHOP. I finally got it running early this year, but there isnÕt a lot on it because I sold a lot of the items at my spring events. IÕve got one more event this spring and hopefully IÕll have some time to work on things after it.

Click Here to see some popular patterns.

3 links on the left go to some even older pages. Many haven’t been updated since 2006! but they’ll give you an idea of other items I carry.

To place an order please send me a description of what item/items you’d like - include pattern name and size and I will let you know if I have it in stock. If I don’t have the item in stock, I will let you know how long it will take to make it. Sorry itÕs not more automatic.

Please check out my FaceBook Page for up-to-date news and additional pictures. Thank you for your time and patience.

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