Low Immersion Dying (LID) Patterns

This is a pattern that often has unpredictable results. I use it to dye most of the woman's dresses and skirts. It looks better on thinner fabrics - so I have many woman's shirt dyed with this method. Because I don't sell dresses online I haven't been super consistant about what colors I use for many color combos - esp the blues and purples.

Special note about the "Peacock" color combo. It's currently unavailable. I'm out of 2 of the 4 dyes I use with that pattern and so is my supplier! Who'd think that a pandemic would cause a shortage of blue dyes!

Fire LID Peach LID Greens/Sky LID
Picture of Fire LID pattern Picture of Peach LID pattern Picture of Greens/Sky LID pattern
Peacock LID Greens/Brown LID Purples/Fuschia LID
Picture of Peacock LID pattern Picture of Greens/Brown LID pattern Picture of Purples/Fuschia LID pattern
Blues/Purples LID Blues/Purples LID Purples
Picture of Blues/Purples LID pattern Picture of Blues/Purples LID pattern Picture of Purples LID pattern

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